Instructions for Our Services

Before a Job


  • Look through our products page for Tennis or Squash

  • Choose your restring and extras in order to generate a total

  • You are ready to come in and drop-off/pay

If you absolutely require a different string to what we stock, our prices are fixed at £30 for tennis and £25 for squash (excluding natural gut)


  • If you know your choice, you can come straight to the club 10am-10pm and any member of staff can assist you in booking in and paying for your job

  • If you want our experienced advice or to check whether one of us will be on-site; Please get in touch with us first by phone or email

Booking & Payment

  • Please bring rackets without their covers

  • Please learn the brand, colour and exact model number of your racket (it helps when collecting it)

  • All payments taken on site (at the bar) by VISA/Mastercard/Appleplay/AndroidPay

  • Please pay in advance (exceptions must be arranged by contacting us)

Collecting Your Racket

Collecting From Club

  • All jobs aim to be completed within 4 days of submission. You’ll be contacted if it’s going to take longer

  • Same or Next Day turnaround is an extra charge (see product pages)

  • If you are not a club member, please bring ID and your phone (it will have a text from us to say it is ready)

  • Ask at the Reception/Bar for your racket by giving a detailed description

  • Collections can be made from 10am until the club closes

Having your racket collected and delivered

  • If this appeals to you, please contact us before a job and we can see whether it is possible. Our typical coverage area is about 2 miles from the club. This is a chargeable service